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How to Tuck a Shirt and Keep it That Way.

by Walter Quiroga |

You've tried everything: traditional shirt-stays, high-tech magnetic tucks, rubber belts with little knobs, strapless suspenders, and even Borat-looking thong underwear designed to keep your dress shirts tucked in. 

None of it worked. 

Well, besides the Borat-looking thongs. They work.

But this article is for those eho also consider them slightly [read: severely] de-manly-fying. 

I mean, can you really take this guy seriously?

Sorry, guy.

So here are a few tips for keeping your shirt stay put in your pants, keeping you sharp and classy throughout the day.

First, let's see what we're working with here: your shirt has to at least reach your butt. Otherwise, your effort is in vain and your shirt will gasp for air as soon as you sit down or bend over to tie your shoes.

Second, have your pants unbuttoned. If you're wearing undershirt, it should be tucked inside your underwear. It helps.

Now grab your shirttails (yes, its the back of it) and stuff them in your pants.

Pinch shirt sides, pull down and fold the seams backward towards your butt, making a pleat, collecting all the loose fabric. 

Button your pants. Wear the belt. 

Congratulations! Now you have no excuse to be opting for sport shirts designed to be worn untucked. Unless they're slick like ours.