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How to pick out a dress shirt?

by Walter Quiroga |

What are the first steps to picking out a dress shirt? Many of us are quickly drawn to a unique outfit on one of those mannequins staring at us through the department store windows or the colors of the neatly organized shirts on store shelves. But are we hastily making an uninformed decision? Do you really know what the relationship should be between that spread of the collar and that tie? If you don’t already know, look no further.

There are two important and easy ways to act like you know what you’re doing when it comes to buying a new shirt or better yet, getting dressed.

First is knowing the shape of your face in order to best accentuate your features. For a round face, you should avoid cut away or extreme spread collars. For a long or oval face, you would avoid close spread collars and should instead choose a medium to wider spread collar.

Second thing to determine is whether or not you want or need to wear a tie. If the shirt will never be worn with a tie, then you should always stay away from cutaway and wide spread collars, as the leaf of the collar will lay on your shoulder and not give it a good look! Choose medium to close spreads as it lays and looks better when wearing a jacket without a tie.

Also, your style of tie and knot also plays an important part in the type of collar you should choose on your shirt. If you make a Four-in-Hand knot then stay away from wide spread collar as the tie will look too small and give it an odd look. A fuller knot like a Full Winsor should be worn with medium to wider spreads.

Most importantly, after finding a Fiduccia shirt style you like and looks best on you, stick to it. They are all classics. A look can be updated easily with a new shirt fabric, color, and pattern. Add a sports jacket and classic shoe and your the next GQ.