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Producing by Principle

by Walter Quiroga |

Craft Of Lyfe posted a beautifully-written article with a message we hold dear to our heart. Read and improve your karma. When you get dressed in the morning, you might be too groggy to remember what the production tags on your outfit say, but it is something you should pay attention to before you hit...

Roll without the punches: how to better roll your sleeves.

by Walter Quiroga |

Obsessing over your outfit items before going out, be it office or a date, might have its benefits, you definitely should try to nail your dress code items to the T, but remember that it's the little things that count, and sometimes it's worth spending just a little more time on styling the item than on deciding which one to put...

How to Tuck a Shirt and Keep it That Way.

by Walter Quiroga |

You've tried everything: traditional shirt-stays, high-tech magnetic tucks, rubber belts with little knobs, strapless suspenders, and even Borat-looking thong underwear designed to keep your dress shirts tucked in.

Must Have: a White Dress Shirt

by Walter Quiroga |

Business insider had just released a good article on how to pick a good white shirt. It is for your reading pleasure below: The Insider Pick: Every man needs at least one good white dress shirt. Fine Italian-woven cotton, old-school American craftsmanship, and a great trim fit is a must-have for the modern gentleman. Its versatile spread...

How to pick out a dress shirt?

by Walter Quiroga |

What are the first steps to picking out a dress shirt? Many of us are quickly drawn to a unique outfit on one of those mannequins staring at us through the department store windows or the colors of the neatly organized shirts on store shelves. But are we hastily making an uninformed decision? Do you really know what...

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